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General Information

Gifted & Talented Program General Information

Spring Creek ISD offers a comprehensive program to meet the special needs of gifted learners.  The ALPHA (Advanced Learning Programs for High Achievers) Gifted and Talented Program is charged with identifying academically gifted students and providing for the special needs of these students.  Our program is available for identified gifted and talented students at every grade level.  We are committed to meeting the needs of students who demonstrate above average potential or achievement.  We believe that all children are unique.  All children have talent, and all children have different learning styles.  We do know that gifted children learn at a different pace and may need different experiences in order to stimulate and maximize their achievement.


Application for the ALPHA Gifted and Talented Program will be accepted beginning in the spring of each year. Any student is eligible to be nominated by a teacher, parent, or community member.  This process includes multiple and specific criteria as required by the Texas Education Agency.  All nominated students are screened, the scores are tallied on a matrix, and the top percentages required by the state (5%) are identified.


To access the SCISD Policy & Procedures for Academically Gifted and Talented Students, click below:

SCISD Gifted & Talented Policy and Procedures Handbook

To access the Gifted and Talented Referral Forms, click the link:  

Gifted & Talented Program Referral Form