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New Student Information

NEW Student Registration/Application Information

 Click on the link below depending on the address of your primary residence to access the new student registration or application packet:


New In-District Students (primary residence is within the Spring Creek Independent School District)

   2022-2023 SCISD Student Registration Packet


New Out-of-District Students (primary residence is outside the Spring Creek Independent School District)

    2022-2023 SCISD Inter-District Student Transfer Application Packet  

Current Out-of-District Students 

   2022-23 SCISD Student Registration Packet

Parents/Guardians of current and/or prospective Spring Creek ISD students may complete and submit the appropriate registration or application packet if they are interested in their child attending Spring Creek ISD. 

Both the in-district registration packet and out-of-district application packet (those students not currently SCISD students or students who did not attend SCISD the previous school year) are available year-round and can be submitted throughout the school year and a review and determination are made as expediently as possible.

Spring Creek ISD maintains a transfer policy with regard to approving transfers (those students whose primary residence is outside the boundaries of the Spring Creek Independent School District.)  Several factors are considered:

  • Student’s latest report card
  • Student’s attendance records
  • Student’s scores on all applicable state-mandated assessments
  • Student’s disciplinary history
  • Availability of space, resources, and instructional staff
  • Existence of any outstanding balances that the student may have with the district
  • Potential adverse effect of the transfer on the financial well-being of the district or the district’s ability to continue providing quality educational services to all students

In addition, Spring Creek ISD reserves the right to revoke the transfer of a student at any time during the year based on one or a combination of the factors below.  

  • Academic standing
  • Course grades
  • Assessment scores (state and local)
  • Work habits
  • Behavior
  • Disciplinary history
  • Excessive tardies
  • Attendance

Parents of out-of-district students submitting applications for current or prospective students will be notified in writing of their child’s inter-district transfer acceptance or denial. 

Parents/Guardians may return their child's application by U.S. postal service, personal delivery, or by scanning the application and emailing it to [email protected].