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Want to Join the Spring Creek Family?

Inserted ImageAre you thinking about applying for admissions to Spring Creek ISD for your child?  

There are many reasons why you should consider sending your child to our wonderful school district.  As educators and parents ourselves, we want what you want.  That is, we want our children to receive the very best education possible so that they are prepared for success later in life. 

 Here are just a few reasons why we believe that Spring Creek ISD is the school of choice for parents.

1.  Our school prides itself in striving to provide an academically elite education.

We offer every child a superior education at Spring Creek ISD.  Instruction is in-depth and rigorous while encouraging technology integration through our 1:1 Technology Program.  We want to give your child new opportunities to learn--learning that will be not only authentic, but challenging as well.

2.  We are the only district in the Texas Panhandle that offers students a 4-day instructional week.

We believe that offering our students and staff a healthy balance of instructional time and family time contributes to the quality of life.  Additionally, we strive to place the best teachers in the classrooms who are adept with the necessary skills and training for every instructional setting.  We are committed to making positive impacts on the children of Spring Creek ISD.

2.  Our class sizes are small for many reasons.

In fact, we limit our class sizes to only sixteen students.  This allows our highly qualified teachers to develop nurturing relationships with their students.  Your child is not simply another face in a classroom.  It's often said that teachers must teach to the lower middle of the class.  Anyone below that level usually must fend for him/herself which means he/she falls through the cracks in the education system.  Those students above the level may spend most of their school day unchallenged or unmotivated while he/she waits for everyone to finish learning the concept he/she mastered much quicker than his/her peers.  Our teachers are much better able to provide one-on-one instruction and tailor their instruction so that it remains at the level your child needs.  With fewer students, the top and bottom students aren't usually quite so far apart, and our teacher can work with each of them to provide them with the elite academic instruction needed.  

3.  Our school offers your child a safe, secure environment to learn and grow.

Every child's safety at Spring Creek ISD is paramount..  Every faculty and staff member takes your child's safety takes your child's safety seriously.  

Our buildings are always locked.  Visitors must ring the office for admittance into the building via an intercom and security camera system.  Entrance into the building is operated remotely from office personnel once we have determined that the visitor has official business with our district.  Our entire district is monitored minute by minute via our technologically advanced camera surveillance system.   

Your child's dietary and health needs are also important to us.  If your child is allergic to nuts or bee stings, we work with our parents to make a plan and protocol system to prevent and/or handle those potentially life-threatening issues.  Should your child require medication during the school day, we are happy to administer his/her medications per your doctor's instructions.  

Spring Creek ISD prohibits bullying and harassment in our district.  We believe that bullying, discrimination, intimidation, violence, and other similar disruptive behavior are detrimental to maintaining a safe learning environment.  Therefore, we will not tolerate such behavior.  Should your child feel as though he/she is a victim of bullying or believe that other students have experienced bullying, we fervently ask that your child notify a teacher, staff member or administrator immediately.  We guarantee our parents a prompt investigation and immediate corrective action should the bullying or like behavior be substantiated.  

4.  Our faculty and staff make the difference.

It's no secret, and the research even shows that the relationship between a student and his/her teacher makes the greatest impact on student learning.  These relationships are not mandated from Spring Creek ISD's administration; instead, our teachers have an intrinsic desire to educate children with compassion and dedication.  They delight in the joy of seeing their students succeed.  They understand that a "one size fits all" education does not work for children.  Every child is unique, learns differently, and progresses at various rates.  Most importantly, they understand that a child's success cannot be measured with a test.  Just like our teachers do for their students, we give our faculty and staff the resources and tools they need to succeed, then we step back and watch them reach unimaginable heights. They and our students are the true stars of the show every day!  

5.  Parent involvement is highly encouraged and imperative to the success of our students.

When parents are involved in their child's education, the child succeeds.  It is important to us that we build a partnership between ourselves and you.  We value parent input and involvement because we know that the benefits for the child includes better grades and test scores, better attendance, and a greater commitment from the student in his/her education.  We encourage you to communicate with your child's teachers routinely.  

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our wonderful district and your primary residence is outside the boundaries of the Spring Creek Independent School District, you may initiate the inter-district student transfer process by completing the form below and returning it to Spring Creek ISD.  

New Student Application Packet for Out-of-District Students

If you currently live within our school district, please complete the New Student Registration Packet for In-District Students below and submit to Spring Creek ISD:

New Student Registration Packet for In-District Students


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