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Instructional Method Choice

SMART START Parent Instructional Commitment Form

DUE: JULY 29, 2020

Instructional Method Offerings:  In-Person vs. Remote/Online


We want to encourage you to allow us the opportunity to provide your child with face-to-face instruction; however, Spring Creek ISD is proud to offer both traditional in-person instruction and remote/online instruction.  Both instructional methods will, of course, follow the state-mandated Texas essential knowledge and skills (TEKS) curriculum. 


To better prepare for this new year, families will be asked to choose the instructional method through the following link:


Parents may also make their selection via our district website’s homepage, www.springcreekisd.net.  Parents must submit their choice for their child(ren) by midnight, Wednesday, July 29, 2020.  Should a family want to change their student’s selection, changes must be requested by midnight, Thursday, July 30, 2020, by calling the main office at (806) 273-6791 or emailing [email protected]


Families must commit to their student’s instructional option for the 9-weeks grading period.  Please note that in the event in-person instruction is delayed or canceled and all students are required to learn remotely, your option will take effect once students are allowed to return to school for in-person instruction.  For any family not submitting the commitment form, we will assume that they are opting for the traditional, in-person instructional method.  Your timely completion and submission of this commitment form is critical to the district to successfully complete teacher and student schedules and plan for both methods of instruction. 


We are very excited to welcome our students back to school this fall, whether in person or remotely.  We want you to select the instructional method that you feel is best for your student(s).


We will continually update you as new information is received.  We know that the Fall 2020 semester will look different, but we are steadfast in our commitment to provide quality instruction whether in on-campus, face-to-face or in a virtual setting.